WWDC 2013 Recap

Well I am sure that this event has been exciting for us all.But now it’s time to review or recap what has happened for the last 2 hrs.

So first the introduction of Mac’s new OS system called the Maverick


There will be new Finder’s tab where it allow you to prioritize or organize your files.
Then came the power and the performance of this all new OS system.Where they introduce 2 of many other feature.

Timer Coalescing: When you look at battery life, the real factor that software has the most influence over is CPU activity. “Intelligently align work reducing transitions between idle and work mode.” Reduces CPU utilization up to 72%.

Compressed Memory: Compresses data in memory rather than writing inactive memory to disk.

Then the iCloud keychain which is a helpful feature on the Mac and iOS device,which will remember and sends your password across to all of your devices.

Then Phil came out to talk about the update version of MacBook Air which now has better battery life,flash,wifi network and graphics.

We also got a sneak peak into the new Mac Pro which carries a gorgeous design.


Specification of the product

Supports 4K displays. Multiple streams. 3 4K displays on built-in dual workstation graphics.

  • 7 teraflops over OpenCL.
  • 528GBps total bandwidth.
  • Graphics: First Mac ever to include dual workstation GPUs. AMD FirePro Graphics.
  • All expansion is external. Uses Thunderbolt 2, 20Gbps throughput, 6 devices per port, backwards compatible. 2x of industry leading Thunderbolt 1.
  • Flash internal storage. New Flash PCIe-based. 1.25GBps read, 1.0GBps write. 10x faster than any hard drive put in a Mac Pro.
  • Double the CPU performance of the previous generation. 1766MHz DDR3, 60GBps bandwidth memory.
  • Processor New generation Intel Xeon.
  • 20130611-023440.jpg

    Now let’s get to the meat of the show the iOS 7,which now puts on a simple,clean and transparent UI.It can detect your face movement and follow your face,along as you go and move accordingly (screen).Folders can now have pages.There is now a control center where you can switch on or off this that you may need like torch light,brightness and music.App store will also upgrade your app automatically.And multitasking looks amazing!


    Thank you very much for reading through it…


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