Reeder for iPhone goes free for now, gets Google Reader alternatives soon


Silvio Rizzi made the iPad and Mac versions of Reeder free to use in the wake of Google’s plans to shut down Google Reader, but he left the iPhone app at its usual $3 price — and its fate in the air. Existing users can now rest easy, as Rizzi has pledged ongoing support for the smaller screen. The current edition of Reeder for iPhone is now free to use, and an already-submitted 3.2 update will bring support for alternative news services like Feedbin, Feedly, Feed Wrangler and Fever. Anyone using the iPad and Mac editions will have to be patient, however. Both apps will eventually get the additional news sources, but Rizzi is taking down the existing releases on July 1st to minimize confusion while he works on updates.


Foxconn Announces iPhone-Compatible Smart Wristband

Foxconn has announced a new smart wristband that can measure vital signs like respiration and heartbeat, and also check phone calls and Facebook posts, according to a report from the Want China Times.

Terry Gou, the head of Hon Hai Precision Industry — the name of Foxconn’s parent company — said the company’s research groups are looking to add fingerprint identification to the product as well. The device can make suggestions to the wearer on ways to improve their health if vital signs are out of the optimal range.


Hon Hai chairman Terry Gou said his company’s wireless communications and medical research groups also plan to add new features such as fingerprint identification to the gadget in the future, to help record personal health data.

“With such a device, you can keep your phone in your pocket and simply check all kinds of messages on your watch,” Gou told shareholders.

Wearable computers are a quickly developing market, with devices like the Nike FuelBand — which Tim Cook wears — and the Fitbit Flex wristband making inroads with consumers, while prototype devices like Google Glass have captured the attention of tech-savvy types.

Apple is actively developing wearable devices, including a smart watch with a curved glass screen. It’s been reported that Apple has a team of 100 working on its smart watch project, and that the device’s development has moved beyond the experimental phase.

Gmail app for Android returns quick-access delete button following user feedback


Confused by where that delete button went when you updated to the latest version of Android’s Gmail app? You weren’t the only one. The delete button has now reappeared alongside the archive option for quick access, while the update also improves settings for showing both buttons, accessed through the menu icon on the far right corner. Touching sender images will now let you choose multiple emails in a thread and Google’s bundled in a handful of bug fixes too, just weeks since the last refresh.

Apple’s New TV Effort May Kick Off This Fall with Focus on Third-Party Apps

TechCrunch‘s MG Siegler reports that Apple indeed appears to be moving closer to making a major push into television, perhaps leveraging the existing iOS-based Apple TV to pursue gaming as a focus point for the initiative.

Xbox founding engineer Nat Brown had noted earlier this week that he believes Apple could destroy the traditional console gaming business by opening up the Apple TV platform to third-party apps, and Valve founder Gabe Newell had expressed similar sentiments several weeks earlier.

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Skype for iOS update brings unlimited free video messaging.


Earlier this month, Skype brought its video messaging to nearly every major platform. Now, the outfit updated the iOS version of its app to lend a hand with the video snippets. The latest version of the software for Apple’s mobile gadgets carries free unlimited messaging of the moving picture type. As you might expect, the download also includes a smattering of bug fixes and usability improvements as well. In the event that your device hasn’t alerted you to the goods — or if you’re looking to cash in on the freebies — the source link below holds the key.

Apple’s iTunes Radio Terms With Record Labels Revealed

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple sent its iTunes Radio terms to independent record labels last week and the paper was able to review a copy of the contract. It dictates that Apple will pay record labels both in royalties on individual song plays, as well as how much advertising Apple is able to sell.

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Sony issues fix for broken PlayStation 3 firmware


Sony has wheeled out firmware version 4.46 for the PlayStation 3, which allows users to hide Trophy notifications. The new PS3 firmware replaces version 4.45, which released with the same feature last week but made some consoles inoperable.

Users who weren’t locked out of the PlayStation 3’s XrossMediaBar will be able to download PS3 firmware 4.46 through the System Update menu.

Sony has also issued step-by-step instructions for those affected by the faulty 4.45 firmware, detailing the process to download the firmware file manually from a computer and then installing it on the PS3 in safe mode via a USB stick.

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