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Sony issues fix for broken PlayStation 3 firmware


Sony has wheeled out firmware version 4.46 for the PlayStation 3, which allows users to hide Trophy notifications. The new PS3 firmware replaces version 4.45, which released with the same feature last week but made some consoles inoperable.

Users who weren’t locked out of the PlayStation 3’s XrossMediaBar will be able to download PS3 firmware 4.46 through the System Update menu.

Sony has also issued step-by-step instructions for those affected by the faulty 4.45 firmware, detailing the process to download the firmware file manually from a computer and then installing it on the PS3 in safe mode via a USB stick.

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Sony Xperia Z Ultra official global launch in Q3 2013


Sony’s unveiled its latest addition to its Xperia Z series, a new smartphone that blurs the line between smartphone and tablet once more — the appropriately-named Xperia Z Ultra. Packing a 6.4-inch display that runs at 1080p resolution, it bests other similarly gigantic superphones that all currently hover around 720p. This new screen is paired with Qualcomm’s latest and greatest mobile processor, the impressively potent 2.2GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800, throwing in 4G LTE connectivity too.

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